John Harbord

+ 64 4 471 5377
+ 64 276 838 983

John is a political specialist with a leading role in SenateSHJ’s government relations practice.

He has worked in both the Beehive and Parliament, including as senior advisor to the Prime Minister. He has a clear understanding of ministerial priorities, party policy, lobbying, media interest and balancing conflicting political pressures – all insights he shares with clients at SenateSHJ.

John is a skilled negotiator, working as a chief crown negotiator with the Office of Treaty Settlements, leading Treaty settlement negotiations on behalf of the Crown. He is the Independent Chair of the Major Electricity Users' Group.

He has a Masters degree in political studies and a law degree from the University of Otago.  Despite living in Wellington for more than 10 years, he still considers himself a Southlander.