BP Oil New Zealand

SenateSHJ’s work for BP covers corporate communications, and issues and crisis management. We work with the management team on a wide range of issues affecting the business, including national and international regulatory issues, and consumer issues.

We’ve also worked at the grass roots level.  A recent example of our community relations work involved BP’s partnership with Surf Lifesaving New Zealand (SLSNZ). BP has supported SLSNZ for 42 years, mostly by providing inflatable rescue boats (IRBs). When SLSNZ celebrated 100 years of saving lives, SenateSHJ was asked to help leverage BP’s partnership, both externally and with staff.   

We did this in the following ways:

  • We designed a communications program that promoted the value of the IRBs, and the role they play in increasing the chances of saving people.
  • We developed media angles, a speaking program and online materials used by both BP and SLSNZ to celebrate – and promote – their partnership.
  • BP’s involvement was also promoted through a series of corporate positioning advertisements that celebrate BP’s partnerships with SLSNZ and other organisations in the community.
  • We initiated a summer promotion linked to BP’s retail stores to further extend its SLSNZ relationship, and helped to drive sales in the busy summer season.