Endeavour Energy - Sydney's Greater West

SenateSHJ was engaged in late 2010 to support a change management program to expedite a $4.2b five-year upgrade of the electricity network in Sydney’s Greater West.

We developed and implemented a comprehensive change management strategy targeting leaders, managers, staff and contractors involved in delivering up to $550m in projects per year.

Our objectives were two-fold: to build momentum in the network business to help drive delivery of the ambitious upgrade, and to manage any issues around the use of contractors on specific projects. Our team helped to join the dots between the many change initiatives happening within the Network Division and across the organisation by creating a shared narrative and roadmap.

As part of the project we also designed and launched a unified project management approach to help build awareness, engagement levels and the technical capacity of Endeavour Energy’s project managers, many of whom were new to the organisation.  

We supported senior leaders by advising on change management, capacity building and leadership communication. We worked in-house with the client for six months to implement the change management and communication strategy.