Telecom New Zealand: Operational Separation

Following the introduction of Operational Separation, Telecom New Zealand called on SenateSHJ to devise a compelling and broad-reaching internal stakeholder relations campaign to support a major change program required to work in the new regulatory environment. 

The key to what became known as the Heart-to-Heart strategy was providing a variety of channels for dialogue between the staff and the executive team. It was essential that the team knew and understood the size of the challenge they were facing. 

We achieved this by having a range of customers tell Telecom what they did well, what they didn’t do well and what they needed to change in order to keep their customers happy. Some of it was brutal, but it made the out-take simple and compelling – ‘we need to change’. It also set the scene to introduce change in a positive way. We also created a forum for the Telecom team to contribute ideas and suggestions about how change could be effected in their area.

More than 1,200 Telecom managers attended the Heart-to-Heart roadshow and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Interactive elements incorporated into the forum netted more than 1,000 suggestions about how business could be improved.

Staff engagement levels are rising and the public perception of Telecom is improving as a result.